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14/12/04 Moscow, DOM presents Lunar Abyss Deus Organum live performance at Sunday, 19/12/04. Other guests are Ersatzhuman and PORCH NAP!   More information>>

10/11/04   BioSonarLaboratories Introduces new releases!
- Public Immorality "Gryaz"
- Shymy Rossii (Les Bruits Russes) "Nevidimost i trud"
- Lunar Abyss Deus Organum / Timur Kujanov / Kryptogen Rundfunk

29/10/04   BioSonar presents:
Monday 1st Nov 2004 at GEZ-21:
Ritual ambient and psychodelic video

27/09/04   BioSonar presents:
04/10/2004, GEZ-21, live performance:
   =BOJEVIE CIKADY (dark-acusmatic-avantgarde)
   =SADOGIPNOZ "Skazochka" (electro-melancholic & easy-noise)
Start at 21:00

17/09/04   BioSonar presents "Osenneje Ravnodenstvie" Party
25/09/04 from 16:00 till 23:00. 
ZAUBERTOTE (old industrial noise)
BRAINFORK (granular electro)
UTRO (extatic martial)
JENSEITS (analogue-harsh-ambient)
EKRAN (analogue-synth-project of Anthesteria & Kryptogen Rundfunk)
HLADNA (necro-techno)
SHUMY ROSSII (spirare-noise)
SADOGIPNOZ (ebm-sarcasm-noise)

10/06/04   BioSonar presents "Solntsestojanije" Party
21/06/2004 at 21:00

    =Ritual Front
    =Lunar Abyss
    =Pepelaz a.b.

25/05/04  Something new in our Catalogue:

Lunar Abyss Quartet "Cosmologamma" (CD, QUAG, quag 29, lim. 400) - 11 Euro
SVA "Ulahado-ulahado" (CD, Kailas Rec., kls027) - 10 Euro
Tsahan "Masterpieces of Kalmyk traditional music" (CD, Kailas Rec., kls005) - 10 Euro

08/05/04   After a long silence BioSonar totally changed its image. Also we renewed our Catalogue and introduce our new releases:

=Extremal Psychonauts
ExPsy001 Skrytoe Radioveshanie -Mutual radioperformance by Evgeny Savenko, Artemy Ostapchuk and Nickolay Kolmykov. Power radio-noise storm. Lim.32
ExPsy002 Sadogipnoz "Front" (live 22.01.2004)Lim. 23.
ExPsy003 Boevye Cikady "Shtrihi Trepeta" Microwave minimalistic acusmatic tracks from electroacustic depth, "drawn sound" + 2 tracks of live cikade singing

001 Brainfork "Beast Water" CD-R Lim.101
002 Pepelaz A.B. "Subwater Current" CD-R Lim.99

03/05/04   the Holiday of Work in GEZ-21 (Gallery of the Experimental Sound)
=Ritualnaya Bioingeneria (Saint Petersburg)
=Hladna (Saint Petersburg)
=YELL0W (Irkutsk)
=Shumy Rossii (Moscow)

Lunar Abyss Deus Organum

19/04/04 19:30, GEZ-21
BioSonar presents: Lunar Abyss Deus Organum.
Ritual ambient + psychodelic video special made for this performance.

Radio Cosmos!

23/02/04 19:30, GEZ-21
Mutual radioinstallation of Sadogipnoz, Hladna and Kryptogen Rundfunk projects.

Subwater current

22/01/04 BioSonar presents the next "Subwater Current" party at "Front" club. Featuring:
SADOGIPNOZ (sarcasm-noise-trance)
PEPELAZ A.B. (electro ambient)
BRAIN FORK (rythm-harsh-noise)
JENSEITS (noise)

10/01/2004 In the end of the past year we were faced the power of one of the elements, and this caused the annihilation of almost all the music we distribute, especially that we have released on ours 8th Moon Art, Kalen Ven and Ingria.
Possibly we will re-release some of them in the future (and we work on it now), we'll keep you informed on this matter. All the reissues will be redesigned and provided with new additional tracks.
Also we plan to do some new releases in the nearest future, the info will appear here till the end of January.
But now, while we're making an inspection what could survived, we recommend you to ask us every time you want to make an order if there is a copy available.

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