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03/04/05  Moloko Club and Biosonar Laboratories present cosmonoise-party, dedicated to the Cosmonaut`s Day!
Ready to start:
MISERY (Moscow)
Ritualnaja Bioingenerija (Saint-Petersburg)
INTERSHUM (Saint-Petersburg)
Start at 12/04/05 at 20.00
The address of "Moloko" Club is: Perekupnoy per., 12

05/03/05   BioSonar presents "Vesenneje Ravnodenstvie Party" at 19/03/05 from 16.00 till 22.00
ANTHESTHERIA (gothic-dark-ambient)
CISFINITUM (cosmo-drone)
KRYPTOGEN RUNDFUNK (radiomanipulations+analogue synthesis)
INTERSHUM ("InterNoise", ex-ERZATZHUMAN & BARDOSENETICCUBE, urban-tourism, dying sity`s sound landskapes)
GOLOSA MERTVYH ("The Voices Of Dead", project of 1g0g /SHUMY ROSSII, LES BRUITS RUSSES/, spirare-noise dedicated to Friedrich Joergenson)
KSHATRIY (vedic drone-ambient)
RADE VOLTAGE (doom-darkwave)
TEZCATLIPOCA (ethno-techno-drone random-mutual project of fest participiants)

05/01/05   BioSonar OnLine!
Our website is updated: Art and Releases pages are opened, Links page is updated, and old news from 2004 you can read anytime at our News Archive.
11 january at "Moloko" Club: SadoGipnoz (techno-gothic-hardcore) live performance
also feat. CYCLOFILLYDEA (art-noise-electronic) and KSHATRIJ (noise)

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