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Biosonar Distribution was founded in 1999 as a part of independent noise label 8th Moon Art Rec. created in the middle of 90s. The main object of Biosonar at first was the distribution of releases from 8th Moon Art Rec. and ULTRA Rec., but later became independent from its parent label.
At the end of 2003 because of force-majeure of fire element 8th Moon Art Rec. has stopped its activities and its functions are totally gone to Biosonar.

Our conception considers the wide range of experimental music, such as ritual, archaic music, noise, ambient, acusmatic, psychoacustic and video-art.

We confide in art built on intuition, because just intuition helps an artist to incarnate clear emanations.

Each our release is designed individually whatever it is - full-handmade box or printed sleeve with original illustrations. Mostly handmade design and limited editions are our policy, because we fight against mass-production.

Our distribution is an open project, we are ready for distributing the materials of your project or your label, every suggestion will be examined - mail us. We don't only sell the disks and cassetes from our catalog, but we are ready to exchange them for your material, on this matter also go this way.
Our project doesn't aim at getting profit. We want to help musicians distribute their music, to make it possible for them to record and release new material with the money they get.
We would be grateful to you for your your reaction - we are looking forward to your wishes, suggestions, information about projects and musicians we could find place for, reviews on the releases from the catalog, we will welcome everything

We don`t make music.
There are sounds for the body, soul or brain, but we are interested in sounds for Emptiness existing in everybody, for such Emptiness, which is a model of the Universe, and Biosonar is a natural locator scanning this space to search something alive.

We believe in a Godlike genesis of the noise - it is an echo from the messages of the Great Spirits, who`s real voice can tear us into pieces with just one word.

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